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Q.1346 - Do I need to do this Neilmed Sinus rinse every day or can days be skipped?

May I request that you study my brochure in great details as all these questions are listed and explained. If you do not feel nasal congestion, stuffiness, excessive mucus, you can reduce the usage and just use as needed.

Please view the attached brochure.
Asked By: Debbie Dyer | Submitted On: May 25, 2012, 11:47 am | Answered On: May 25, 2012, 1:30 pm | Views: 948
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 Good morning from Greece! I see that neilmed has many products. Which one is proper to use for my son whom is 23 months? I was told that there is one very good product to wash out his nose. Can you please help me to chose the right one. Thank you very much for your kind attention!

 There appears to be an epedemic in plymouth (UK) of loss of smell following a nasty viral infection that was around in may. Me and my husband are now in our 8th week of it, both my parents have it and several other people I know locally. It does not feel like blocked sinuses, we can all breath clearly through our noses and have no sinus pain, but the problem seems to be in the area at the top of the back of the mouth where the adenoids are located. I have now run out of things to try, having used a neti pot twice a day, steam inhalation, castor oil packing, and a homeopathic spray called sinusoothe. I know there is no possibility of seeing an ENT for several months as the NHS think it trivial. My parents both took prescribed antibiotics against my advice, and of course it did not work. Apart from the challenge of eating, I have real concerns about safety as neither of us can smell. Will your product help us?

 Hello, I have seasonal allergies. I started using the Neti Pot and sinus rinse on 09/11/13 and use it twice a day. Although my nasal passages are clear after using it, it is not long afterwards that my sinuses fill up again. My question is, how long of a period of time before I would see lasting effects of using this?

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