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Q.43 - When I use the sinus rinse bottle I feel searing pain in the back of my head, the top of my head, my forehead and between my eyes. Should I continue?

The pain you are experiencing is in your sinuses. Sinus Rinse should be soothing and not painful. Make sure you are following the directions carefully. The burning sensation can be caused by forgetting to put the saline mixture in the water, not dissolving the dry mixture thoroughly in the water or having the water too cold or hot. It can also occur if you have use more than one packet for the specified water quantity (in other words a hypertonic solution). If the pain persists, please discontinue the rinses and call our office for advice so we can modify the procedure for you. Or call your physician. It may be possible that you are fighting a sinus infection.
Asked By: admin | Submitted On: August 18, 2011, 2:47 pm | Answered On: August 18, 2011, 2:47 pm | Views: 23284


Sylvia medina said:
I had a question about pain that I had in my head while rinsing but after reading through your questions and answers I found why I had experienced such pain.. This post is just a simple thank you for posting consumers questions and answering them..
Betsy Mikula said:
I have a very bad pain if I try using the neil med and I have to stop immediately.Any suggestions?
admin said:
I will be happy to guide. I need to speak to you. Please call +1 707 525 3784
admin said:
Are you trying to perform nasal rinse with a completely blocked nasal passage? If so, this may be your problem. For the best advice, I suggest calling our customer service at 1-877-477-8633 and one of our agents can help troubleshoot the reason for your difficulty. Proper positioning is also important and we have very helpful videos on our website. The link is here:
Kayla Cerny said:
Whenever I try to do the nasal rinse, my nose, eyes, and throat burn from it. most of it comes out of my mouth because I can't seem to get it to come out my nose. I also get a pressure headache sometimes after I do it. I haven't had much luck with this yet and I have tried over 10 times. Any tips?