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Q.74 - Hi, I just started rinsing with the neti pot and now have a cold. Can I still rinse with a cold or should I wait until it goes away?

As long as you have some air flowing through your nasal passages, you can still do a sinus rinse. It will flush away excess mucus and irritants and thus reduce inflammation of the mucus membranes. Normal mucosa (the mucus membrane) will fight infections and allergies better and reduce your cold symptoms. Please do not rinse if one of your nasal passages is completely blocked as this may produce pressure in your eardrums and cause some retention of the saline solution in your nasal passages or sinuses.
Asked By: Leslie Fesel | Submitted On: August 18, 2011, 3:25 pm | Answered On: August 18, 2011, 3:25 pm | Views: 2439


Izzy said:
I used Sinus Rinse for the second time this morning. Now it's hours later and I still have a taste of salt in my throat and the back of my mouth near the opening that goes to the sinuses. I did not swallow the solution and I did not have a lot go in my mouth. I did have a lot of mucus before doing the rinse but not to the point that it blocked one sinus passage. Is it normal to have a taste of salt after a rinse? Should I rinse with only water to help the taste go away?