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I’ve been using the sinus bottle for a few weeks and it works great! I bought a new bottle this week for a trip. I used it tonight and it did not squirt much water at all and what did squirt went up my nostril and down my throat instead of out my other nostril. I used exactly the way it’s indicated in directions and same as the one I’ve been using for a few weeks. Why would this one be different? Could the bottle be defective?

Feb 7, 2019. 1:15 PM

If water did not come out of the bottle in a steady stream when you gently squeezed it, it is possible that the cap was not tightly sealed.  Make sure you tightly seal the cap next time.  If air continues to leak from the bottle, please contact customer service to receive a complimentary replacement product.

It is not uncommon for some solution to drip down your throat. You may need to tilt your head forward as well as sideways to avoid this.  This may also be due to nasal congestion.  


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