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I have been using the NeilMed Rinse Bottle for 10 years. I bought a new bottle and when doing the rinse, mostly air would come from the bottle and then some water. Now I have pressure in one ear. I have been on 10 days antibiotic and then 7 days steroid for this issue. The pressure is still there, along with a higher and louder pitch of my usual tinnitus. Did this hurt my ear?

Feb 7, 2019. 1:09 PM

I am not sure why mostly air is coming out of the bottle.  If the cap is tightly sealed, a steady flow of solution should come out.  Make sure that when you irrigate, the cap is tightly sealed.

Some people experience temporary ear symptoms after nasal irrigation.  Sometimes this is because of nasal irrigation with blocked nasal passages, which we do not recommend. If you did not have any blockage in your nasal passage and air can pass through at the time of nasal irrigation, it is possible you had your head in the wrong position during rinsing. If it is tilted too far forward the solution may go in the ears. You also need to make sure to blow your nose gently after rinsing to avoid putting pressure on your eardrums.  

Your symptoms could also be caused by a sinus infection or other condition.  If they persist, definitely speak to your physician about treatment.  

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