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     Our family uses many of your products and we travel often. We have been long time customers. Naspira is the best aspirator I have used yet!
JS - Highland, CA

     Very happy! I have 7 grandchildrean and this is the best thing since sliced bread. I have already been referring the product!
MG - Beast, ME

     My son wouldnt let me near him with a similar product, but I already love this product - as he will let me use this one on him! I will be recommending this Naspira aspirator to ALL my mom friends! Thank you!
EJ - Castle Rock, WA

     I think that this is a really smart, nice, quality product. Looks like there was a lot of thought put into it.
KM - Berlin, NJ

     Recommended by friends, this is a product that at first my wife couldn't believe was even real. Admittedly it is pretty gross. But it is extremely useful and easy to use. There's no better way to suck the snot out of your infant's nose. Gross...
Z. Freeman Zach

     The good: This is easy to use and it sucks the snot right out of your infant's nose! Yum!!!

The also good: Easy to clean!

The bad: Why is it so hard to find replacement filters? It'll be interesting to see, once they make replacement filters widely available, how much they cost. If they provide them at a reasonable price, I'll definitely recommend this product to other parents. If they over-charge, though (like with Mach-3 replacement razors where it's almost cheaper to just buy a whole new set each time), it'll be a major drawback.

     This is a very practical tool for those with babies or as a gift for a baby shower. My mother had to do this with her mouth, but thankfully it's 2015 and we don't have to. I particularly like that it has several different heads, so one can change them prior to washing and continue to remove the build-up.

     This came at the perfect time as our 11 month old has had a cold for about a week now and her nose is dripping like a faucet. We have Nosefrida and while the idea is similar, this oral suction aspirator is much better. For one thing the tip slightly tilts up and is smaller, making it easier to place gently in the nostril. The Nosefrida is so big that you have to put it slightly outside of the baby's nose therefore making you lose a bit of suction. So in short, I got a lot more snot out using this.

The other thing I like is it's made of silicone and is soft. The tip (if you accidentally poke your baby with it) is quite pliable and doesn't hurt. Best yet, because it's silicone you can just pop this sucker into the dishwasher. Love that feature! I also like it that the part that goes into your mouth is hard. On the Nosefrida, it's soft and my husband would involuntarily bite down on it occasionally which impeded the air flow. That is not a problem with this one.

The only thing I don't like? The filters. You have to use a new one each time. And I can't find where to buy replacement filters or how much they cost. It comes with a number of them, however when those run out, it looks like we're just going to have to use it as a bulb aspirator.

     We received this item free for testing & review purposes from NeilMed. I had seen similar products like these before and I'd always heard great things, but wasn't too thrilled about the idea that one end goes into your child's snotty nose and the other end into your mouth! However, after seeing this product and realizing that you will not get snot in your mouth, my opinion on them is much better! There are lots of great features about this product such as the clear, easy to clean design that let's you see exactly how clean it is and so you know it's not growing anything inside the bulb part. It's comfortable for you and baby and I like that you control the amount of suction needed. It has a great 2 in 1 feature that also allows you to use the bulb part alone which is very nice. All the pieces (besides the single use filters) are easily washable and come in a convenient and handy mesh bag to keep everything in one place. NeilMed makes some great products and this is one more. I'd recommend this for sure!
Zandra Dornon

     From the Maker of Medical Wound Washes and Neti Pot Sinus Rinses, A Sanitize-able Way to Help Baby Breathe Better

Babies cannot blow their nose so tiny noses and need help clearing mucous that otherwise could move into delicate lungs.

I am pretty happy with the improvements in design to this nose aspirator. With the old opaque blue ones, you couldn't tell how much mucus you were clearing (or how gross it got after a few uses. Bleh!). Being able to tell what I am clearing is a big bonus. It also works better if I use saline nose spray first. There's a cost difference, but I like being able to open this up and clean it, especially in the dishwasher. Which is so much better than before.

I'm not very successful with the manually sucking through the tube. Maybe my lungs just aren't strong enough, but I'd rather just use the suction of the bulb alone. Plus I don't really like breathing in infected mucus, especially when I'm not that great at producing suction to begin with. But that's just me.

NeilMed is a manufacturer that makes wound wash and sinus rinses for adult neti pots.
Aceto "All Knowledge is Sorrow"

     I've used a lot of "booger sucker outers" in my day, but what I really love about this one is the one way valve that prevents air from blowing back up my baby's nose. That's one of those things that kinda freaks me out as a mom that really eased my mind with this device, definitely recommend!
Shilom "Shilom

     This is one of the most innovative item for kids that I have seen. We always had issue in cleaning our sons nose. With this device it is become so easy. when we cleaned the nose, it used to be red by wiping it again and again; But now we don?t have to touch his nose. No burning because of repeated wiping the nose. We can do this even while he is sleeping and he doesn?t have to wake up, it so simple and easy. Thanks Neilmed for this wonderful innovation.

     I was surprised that this product actually sucked out all the snot from my daughters nose.This works much better then other similar products on the market. This worked out so well, I have bought a couple more for my friends to use on their children.

     I received this as part of a trial gift and thought I would just check it out. My daughter allowed me to use it on her without fighting me and didn't even cry while I used it. This is the first naspira that I have used that my daughter didn't throw a fit on me with. I am glad I found this product and recommend it to use for anyone with a small child.

     I recently received this product for free to try it out. I'm completely sold on this!! I loved how my kids (ages 2 and 4) didn't mind using this product. They would actually go into the cabinet and grab it, bring it to me and say "mom, I have boogers" just because they wanted to use it. It's always wonderful when you don't have to fight your child to suction their nose! Thank you NeilMed for making my life easier!
Teresa Sanderson

     This worked great on my 4 month old. It works a million times better than a bulb syringe. It's easy to use and clean too. I like the curved tip to easily clear things out.

     This is a very well thought out Nasal suction for infants. They took the time to really think through every little aspect of the aspirator. It comes in clear packaging so you can see what your getting or giving as a baby gift. It is made of soft yet durable latex so it won't hurt the nose. There are filters to keep stuff wear it belongs. It is easy to use and understand. It also comes apart very easily. The aspirator also comes with a little net pouch to keep it in and extra filters. The tip has a little curve to it to get right up in the perfect spot. The mouth piece is very comfortable to use and the hose is a perfect length. I did receive a free sample of this item from the company to test out and give my honest and unbiased opinion, so I thought I would give my review of the item here were it can be of best use.
Kelly Monzo

     Great product with a lot of great features that the old way doesn't come with. Will change your way of thinking
Genai Walker-Macklin

     Excellent product!!!
Sherry Hubbard

     Essential little thing for any parent of a toddler and babies. This provides a quick relief for stuffy nose, it is transparent, easy to clean and sterilize, and it comes with an in-line filter. You can pull it all apart for cleaning, and it is BPA, latex and phthalates free. You can also put it in the dishwashern and it is made of a high grade silicone. Highly recommended!

     Excellent product that was quick and easy to use. Would definitely purchase more.
Patricia A. Alvino "Fruser"

     This was very easy to use and the price for it is very affordable. I would definitely recommend it to all the mothers out there for their little ones. It comes in handy and the instructions are very easy to follow.

     We love this product!! it works amazing and i would recommend it to any parent who is looking for more than just the average nose sucker!
Krystina Bakaturski

     Instructions are written well for you to understand how to use it. It's a great 2-in-1 device -- you can either use the bulb or use the hose attached to the bulb. I love that quality about this product.

     Very easy to use and great design! I really wish this was around for my first 4 kids, it makes things a lot easier!!

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