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Have you ever felt a bothersome dryness in your nose in the winter time? Have you noticed that you experience more bloody noses in the winter months as well?

Dry heat is notorious for causing not only an uncomfortable dryness in the nasal passages, but is also a common cause for a bloody nose. The most common culprits are indoor heating, the fireplace, airplanes, hotel rooms, and oxygen/CPAP use. Whether your home heating system has a humidifier or not, the air becomes significantly more dry with continuous heater use. A wood burning fireplace also dries out the air, even more so than the heater. While keeping a humidifier in your house is helpful, it may not provide enough relief. Using a saline based moisturizing gel four to six times per day can significantly improve dry nose discomfort and reduce nosebleeds. NeilMed® NasoGEL® with sodium hyaluronate to restore moisture and prevent friction and abrasion provides the perfect solution.

NasoGel Spray & Nasogel Tube

Traveling is another period where nasal dryness symptoms often increase. Both airplanes and hotel rooms keep the air extremely dry, which is not only uncomfortable, but can also make it hard to sleep. NasoGEL® Spray can be packed in your handbag or carry-on luggage, and can be easily applied while on-the-go, on the airplane, or in your hotel room.

NasoGEL® Spray can be sprayed two to four times every four to six hours and NasoGEL®Tube can be applied with a cotton swab two to four times every four to six hours.

View instructional video here:

View Video - NasoGel Tube

View Video – NasoGel Tube

View Video - NasoGel Spray

View Video – NasoGel Spray



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