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     I am going through chemotherapy (drugs are Taxol and Carboplatin) and I find my nose is just so full I use my Neti-pot twice a day. I love it! I would be totally in trouble and could not breathe and would have way more nosebleeds without my neti pot. I really loosens stuff up and makes it more productive to blow my nose. Just wanted to thank you and let you know how it is a very helpful product for those undergoing chemotherapy that have a lot of nose/snot problems. I have recommended it to many people. Thank you!
Carla R

     My fiance and I love the NeilMed Products! We have the Neti Pot and the Sinus Rinse bottle. They are easy to use and very effective! The Sinus Rinse packets are affordable and convenient!
Thanks for such a great product!
Nicole J, USA

     I want to thank you for improving the health and life of my entire family. My wife suffered from horrible allergies, but now finds that simply doing a nasal rinse stops the reaction and gives her break. She barely ever needs Claratin any longer. My son (who is 6) suffered from chronic runny nose during the winter months. Nothing, including a sinus operation, helped. We now give him a nasal rinse in the morning and about 1/2 hour before he goes to bed. Problem largely solved. I currently have a head cold and am using a nasal rinse to relieve the itch. I use a nasal rinse during the winter months to keep my nasal passages hydrated in dry heat of forced air. My daughter (who is 5) can`t wait until she can do a nasal rinse, too. She actually asks about it every day. Thanks.
Geoffrey James, USA

     I just wanted to again thank you. I neglected to tell you the first time how great your product is and how it has helped me. I have major sinus problems, going for 8th surgery and without NeilMeds I think I`d be dead. I use it at least twice a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times.
Judy Cruse, USA

     I just want to thank you for a wonderful product. It has truly changed my life. I used to take allergy medications and decongestants almost daily. Since using neilmed sinus rinse for a year now, I have only had to take medicine one time for about 3 days. It is really a wonderful product.
Susan Furr, USA

     This morning was my first opportunity to try the SinuSurf. It is remarkable, and I am still feeling VERY comfortable in the afternoon hours. I also purchased Sinus rinse kit for my youngest son. He seems to have the similar allergies that I have. I hope to let him try the rinse first and upgrade to the SinuSurf if he needs it.

Thank you again for this fine product. I can only believe after one use, it will do exactly what it is advertised to do! Great product!
James C Ballantyne

     I am an 87 year old with a long history of post nasal drip and sinus infections. I discovered your product 7 years ago, and have not had a cold or sinus infection since. Your Sinus Rinse qualifies for a "best in class" award.
Ed Levine, USA

     I have been using your product on a regular basis for over two years. The improvement in my sinus condition is just remarkable. Thank you for providing great product. You have a loyal customer.
John Goodwin, USA

     Dear Friends, I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for 2 years. I have been diagnosed with everything from hay fever to COPD. My doctor of pulmonology assures me that I do not have COPD. My nasal allergist was quite glad to hear that regular use of your Sinus Rinse has worked better than most medications I have tried. Thank you for helping me breathe normally again.
Esteban Zapiain, USA

     I just had to send you a quick email to say thanks for a great product. I bought one of your neti pots . I had sinus infection with completely blocked nose. I could not blow it clear and tried steam but that did not work. I needed fast relief as I have to perform as a signer/guitar player tonight. I followed the directions and used the product. As I stood up everything blocking my nose and sinuses just dropped out ! I was instantly clear!! Your product not only gave me relief but saved me from canceling my gig.

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