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     I had a sinus infection problem for a couple of years. Every few weeks I was down and out with a headache, tinnitus, malaise and lethargy. I was at my wits’ end, frankly. In between these spells I never felt 100%.

The medical profession prescribed Nasonex, which didn’t help that much and dried me out. I didn’t like because I am a singer and was concerned on how this stuff would affect my instrument, not to mention the expense and inconvenience. When I asked the doctors when I could get off this they replied knowingly that it was a life sentence!

My wife brought your product home, probably because she was sick of my whining and listlessness around the house.
In a couple of days I started noticing my head clearing and I started feeling better.

After a couple of months I feel 10 years younger. It’s a GD miracle if you ask me.
DArcy Irvine, Kintore, Ontario, Canada

     I have been an allergy sufferer all my life, this rinse has turned my health around like a miracle. I usually get sick many times each year and used to take all kinds of allergy/sinus medicines and sprays. A relative introduced the rinse to me 1 year ago and I have not even had a sniffle to this day so far. I’m ecstatic, as I kept thinking that it was just a matter of time beforeI got sick as usual. I use it every time I do anything dusty like mowing the grass or working with sandpaper etc.. Kudos to the inventor, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to you Sir!. I recommend it to all that will listen and watch as they experience the clear breathing that comes with it. Kudos again Dr Mehta, this is a miracle to me.

     The first time I did a sinus irrigation, what came out and went down the drain looked like something from a sewer line. Hey, but I could breathe through my nostils for the first time in months, my ears cleared spontaneously (equalized pressure in middle ears), my snoring decreased 90% according to my wife, and my GERD disappeared overnight since I was no longer swallowing post nasal drip all night long.
David Colvard MD, USA

     I suffer from sinus and allergy issues. I despise taking the relief meds because they make me so sleepy that I can`t focus. I`ve been using the Neil Med sinus rinse system for about 2 years and I`m very pleased with the results. The sinus congestion has cleared up significantly. I only have to take the sinus/allergy meds on very rare occasions. I`ve incorporated the neti pot into my daily routine. It`s very soothing. I`m in love. Now my husband and a close couple friends also use it. Thanks so much.
Kimberly Shelling, USA

     I just wanted to say how much I have personally enjoyed and benefitted from your nasal rinse system. Through my long history of allergies, nothing helped me more than the NeilMed Sinus rinse. Drugs and surgeries never did anything, but rinsing does. I also very much appreciate your company sending me samples. I have given them out to many of my patients with spectacular reviews from them.
Todd Ehrlich, DDS Austin, Texas

     I bought the NeilMed Sinus Rinse 2 years ago when I had a pretty bad bout of sinusitis. After using you`re product my sinuses drained and felt a heck of a lot better.
Thank you for creating an awesome sinus rinse it is the best thing since sliced bread. I also love how all you have to do is mix a packet of pH balanced sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate mixture.
It is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying over the counter nasal sprays that don`t work. I will be a life long customer of you`re product.
Patrick Brochu - Grimsby, ON Canada

     I just received my NasaDock Plus with Stand. That is a truly clever invention and a terrific addition to your product line-up! Thank you so much, and thank you for shipping it so quickly!
Anne Mouyeos, USA

     This stuff is amazing! on the first use I noticed a huge improvement and after just two days I`m off the mucinex and prescription nasal sprays. I`ve suffered with near constant post nasal drip to the point of choking for 8mo. and have been to ENT and Allergy doc plus family doc and have done everything from two rounds of prednisone to multiple prescriptions and sprays.
amazing. luckily the allergy doc suggested this. of course the post nasal drip is worse some days than others but it almost non existent right now. and no one can figure out why I even have the drip since I`m not allergic to anything. and have no snot otherwise.
Sue, USA

     Thank you SO much for this! I finally tried it, and it`s already changed my daily life. I`ve suffered from chronic sinus issues for years, and my body doesn`t respond well to sinus meds, but the first time I used this, I could finally breathe clearly for the first time in years! The pressure and headaches have greatly diminished and I`ve only used it for two days so far. It really is the best thing ever. I never expected this at all.
Teresa, USA

     Since my teenage years, I have suffered from weather related migraine like headaches. I tried everything and the only thing that would work sometimes was a combination of Sudafed and Tylenol.My good friend said he had been using a Neti pot for several years and told me about a it couple years ago. I was reluctant to pour water in my nose since I thought that would remind me of being underwater in the ocean fearing for my life. I finally decided to give it a try and the results have been have nothing short of miraculous for me!
Since using the NeilMed neti pot and solutions morning and night for the last couple months, my headaches are all but non-existent.
Brian Kassan, USA

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