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NeilMed is committed to giving you the highest level of support. We make it easy for you to get answers to any questions you have about nasal irrigation, sinus or nasal health and NeilMed products. We offer several ways for you to get help or leave us your comments. Select from your preferred form of communication below.
1. FAQ
Visit our FAQ page for answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. Click here.
2. Ask A Doctor
Visit our Ask A Doctor page to ask or read answers to questions that visotors like you have already asked. You can also ask your own question and we will answer in one to two business days. Dr. Mehta himself responds to every medical question personally. Click here.
3. Phone
Call us toll free (USA & Canada only) to speak directly with a customer service representative at +1-877-477-8633. Our Sales and Customer Support Centre is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
4. Email
Prefer email or wish to leave us a comment or testimonial? We welcome your feedback. Email us at
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