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Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

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     “I see lots of other people beat me to it, but I had to thank you for such a marvelous product. I am 57 years old and have suffered from myriad sinus/nasal problems for most of my adult life. Thanks to your Sinus Rinse, I breathe better and best of all, managed to make it for an entire year without a visit to the doctor for a sinus infection. I still use my prescription nasal spray, but I spray it into an unclogged, rinsed nasal cavity. I usually use your rinse about three times a week and I LOVE the way my nose feels after I use it.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”
Michael W. Shanahan

     “Spring weather here has produced red eyes, runny nose and sneezing and I have been using Sinus Rinse 2x day to clear up symptoms. I think of the rinse as part of my daily regime - brush my teeth, comb my hair and use my nasal rinse. Great product that`s been very good for me. So pleased that I can purchase my supplies at so many stores now. I`d be lost without the nasal rinse - still hard to believe NeilMed rinse is more powerful than prescription meds I used to take.”
Myrna Myres

     “Your system was initially recommended to me by my voice teacher in New York city. I am a professional singer/songwriter and recording engineer and I have to tell you that the use of your product has literally changed my life. I literally cannot remember the last time I was sick with any symptoms for more than 1 day. I have not had a cold (other than a 1 or 2 day at the most "allergy episode" for over 2 years now and my nasal breathing is free and fabulous. Since I had to have surgery 6 years ago for a significantly deviated septum, believe me -- I appreciate breathing through my nose! Thank for a great product!”
Brendan Davies

     “Sinus Rinse has changed my life forever. I used to get 8 - 12 sinus infections a year (for the past seven years)! I was even suffering from a clinical depression due to my inability to get my sinuses healthy. I still get infections now and then, but only a few a year and have gone as long as nine months without one. That is record setting. Plus, I can really, really breathe and smell things that I never noticed. My post nasal drip is gone. When I feel a cold or sinus issue creeping up, I rinse it away. My testimony alone has brought my ENT and his practice to a totally new place. They are now believers and advocates in your product. They have all been stunned in my recovery.”
Tamryn Etten-Bohm

     “Since using your product my sinus infections have stopped completely. Prior to that I was experiencing 3-4 infections per year. I was the only person I knew of who would have sinus infections in the middle of summer! As an asthmatic, I was requiring Prednisone every 2-3 months. With the use of your product, plus a small medication change, I celebrated one year Prednisone free in February 2005. Only someone who has taken steroids on a chronic basis can appreciate that statement. I couldn`t be more pleased. I have recommended your product to friends and family.”
Michelle Willers

     “This product has changed my life! I had frequent, almost constant, sinus infections. This product has almost eliminated those infections, and has kept my sinus passages clear and clean. I found out about your product from a friend, not from a doctor, and I really think that if I had been advised by a doctor to use this system years ago, it would have saved me years and years of pain, discomfort and antibiotic use. I`m so glad I`ve been told about your products, they are easy to use and very effective. I recommend Sinus Rinse to everyone I know with sinus issues. Many thanks.”
Dolores Saporito

     I wanted to write and thank you for the relief that your breakthrough product has provided to me in the past year. I lead a very active lifestyle which has led me to break my nose over ten times! I have had surgery twice to correct problems that I have had regarding nasal blockages. As a result of my nasal problems, I seemed to catch the common cold more often than the average person and the symptoms seemed to be magnified as a result of my condition. Annually I would contract a sinus infection that at times, would last for months. Needless to say the discomfort associated with this problem was a burden to not only myself, but my wife and family. I sought the help of specialists and tried various medications in attempts to relieve my symptoms and was eventually diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. While visiting my brother in Texas I was introduced to the concept of "sinus rinsing." I first began using the product when I became ill (yet again) with a common cold. I continued to use the product after the cold subsided as I noticed that the daily rinse provided additional relief to me while running in the morning hours. About 7 months ago, I took the advice listed in the product directions to incorporate the use of the sinus rinse daily "like brushing your teeth." I am proud to say that after daily use after the past 7 months, I have not had a cold once! Keep in mind that before using your product I would contract a cold on nearly a monthly basis. I recommend your product to friends and coworkers and will continue to incorporate it into my daily hygienic routine.
Thanks again!
David C, USA

     Hi! I am sitting here singing... this would not be a big deal but because of being short of breath and horrible sinus problems, I have not been able to sing in about 2 years. Nothing would come out when I tried except cracking. :( Today I was desperate and tried this sinus rinse that my niece recommended in hopes of getting a little relief. It had been sitting in the bottom of a drawer for about 6 months and I thought I would just give it a try. My gosh...after using it just once..I can breathe, I can even sing. I absolutely adore singing so you have no idea how important this is to me. I would cry from happiness but don`t want to stuff myself up again. Anyways...I never ever have written to a company about a product. I was convinced I had something far worse than my sinus problems. I had vertigo from pressure, headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness.... all gone in about 5 minutes of using a simple little saline solution. This has been going on for at least 2 years. Horrible. Maybe you don`t have the most glamorous of products but I have to tell you, this little thing has literally given me my life back. I am absolutely astounded...and singing again. To me it is a miracle. Thank you so much!
Carla, USA

     I am a national network radio broadcaster of NASCAR races on the Performance Radio Network (PRN). I also have severe allergies, both spring and fall. We begin our broadcast season each year at Las Vegas in March. From 2005 -2009 I returned home from Las Vegas to North Carolina every year with a sinus infection. And each of those years, I had at least three more sinus infections over the course of the summer and fall.

In January 2010, a fellow broadcaster recommended that I try Neilmed Sinus Rinse. I was skeptical, but frankly was “sick of coming home sick” every year. So I bought Sinus Rinse and started using the product in late January 2010. I have used it daily since. It is now August 2011, and I have not had a single sinus infection in the past 18 months. I believe in miracles, and without question, Neilmed Sinus Rinse is one of the greatest little miracles I have ever experienced! It’s so easy to use and so much less expensive than “z-packs” and Dr.’s co-pays, not to mention the lost days of work in the past with the painful infections.

I have become such a zealot that if I was on commission for everyone I’ve told about Neilmed (which I absolutely am NOT), I would be making more money selling Neilmed Sinus Rinse than I do broadcasting NASCAR races on radio!

Thanks SO MUCH, Neilmed.
Rob Albright, Concord, NC, USA

     WOW! I wanted to take a moment and write to you because I am now a true believer in your product. I have seen the ads and heard people talk about the products but I absolutely hate anything going into my nose. But, I was just diagnosed with a horrible ear infection and thus had too much liquid in my ear canals. The doctor suggested your product and I finally gave in. I was going to buy the Netti Pot until I saw the Sinus Rinse and now, twice a day, I am using it. It is helping with my ears and I am starting to feel 100% better. I have told EVERYONE that will listen to buy this product. Thank you for making a product that is awesome and for converting me over! I even had my best friend buy one tonight!
Charlotte Tuffin, USA

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