Pregnancy & Sinus Condition

Learn About Pregnancy & Sinus Condition

Rhinology. 1980 Jun;18(2):83-6.

Sorri M, Hartikainen-Sorri AL, Karja J.

In this study three groups of patients were analyzed: 24 pregnant women who had symptoms suggesting a maxillary sinusitis, 23 patients who were thought to have nasal complaints due to the pregnancy and 16 healthy pregnant women as a control group. In 20/24 cases of the first group and 10/23 cases of the second one there was a purulent sinusitis--as confirmed by maxillary sinus irrigations. The best diagnostic tools seemed to be the clinical status, X-ray finding and diagnostic sinus irrigation. The therapy with sinus irrigations and nontoxic antibiotics is advocated.

PMID: 7403786 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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